Would Windows 8 Outperform Windows 7?

For decades, Microsoft has successfully dominated the domain of OS. And with each release it has emerged as an undisputed giant of the technological world. Microsoft clearly knows what it takes to be on top in the market.

Microsoft Windows 7 undeniably was the most critical invention of the software giant. It filled the vacuum in users life that has been left by the Windows Vista (OS that failed badly). And now after the stupendous success of Windows 7, the company is gunning towards Windows 8 that has yet to make its impact on the OS landscape. However, it has been assumed that Windows 8 will successfully surpass the fame enjoyed by its predecessor.

Here are the few reasons that justify this prediction:

1. Windows 8 is the augmented version of Windows 7. And post the success of Windows 7, an improved version would just be an icing on the cake. It would boast of same features as its predecessor but with enhanced functionality.

2. With each new release, Microsoft has paid special heed on the security measures. Windows 7 is the most secure version of the operating system till date. So, one can expect Windows 8 to be even more secure than its earlier counterpart.

3. Some reports are suggesting that Microsoft may introduce an application store with Windows 8. This will not only make it more desirable in apps crazy world but also a strong competitor against the Apples Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

4. With the tablet mania at its peak, every OS wants to capitalize on this field. Android is the prime example. It has been reported that Windows 8 most likely will grace the tablet devices and is working hard to adapt itself as per the needs of tablet industry.

5. Windows 7 user interface is already hot favorite amongst tech geeks. Now, Windows 8 though will sport a similar interface but will be more streamlined and user-friendly. Hence, it is most likely to acquire more usership and adulation.

So, if Microsoft has all these features incorporated in Windows 8, they clearly have winner in their hands. Therefore, expect Windows 7 to wave a goodbye kiss.


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