Windows startup delay

Everybody is facing the delay of the windows at the startup. The issue of delay in the launching of the several software, applications and the anti-virus is one of the big point of the discussion. Yes… the delay in the startup of the windows is advantageous but it is also the one of the major drawback. When the user starts the window or starts the computer system he or she faces the delay in the launching of the main windows only because of the heavy software and applications which consumes very large amount of time in the startup of the window. But for the some users delay in the windows startup is beneficial, they consider the delay in the startup as good point of view. They consider the delay is good and beneficial for the security and the protection against the viruses and malware.

Delaying in the startup of the windows has many advantages from the improvement of the boot efficiency to the troubleshooting. Windows has several options to specifying the sequence of programs and the applications at the startup of the windows and the time of delay between these programs.

There are several software launchers available which can help the user to delay the startup or to adjust the sequence of the program and the applications according to the need or the ease of the computer system user.

Some of the software is the following through which one can delay the startup of the window:

Startup Delayer:

It is the free tool provided by the developer to help the user. The latest version of the software is many year old, but yet it can work fine and good on window 2000/xp/vista.

When the user once installed the software in the system, he or she can adjust or set the delay of time for the programs. After installation, it provides you the list which carries the list of application that loads with startup of the windows. The one can click the double and set the Time Delay and the Launch Time. The information of delay will be show on the status bar.

Launch Later:

Launch Later is the freeware that provides the user to set the Time delay or startup schedule according to need. This software does require the .NET Framework installed in the system

Launch Later is very simple to use the user can easily add the applications and the program in the list and can set the time delay.

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