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History of VMware

It was back in 1998 when VMware was originated in an attempt to bring virtual machine technology to the industry-standard computers. In 1999, VMware entered in the server market in 2001.

VMware established a wide range of products, most noteworthy of which are their hypervisor or a virtual pc manager. VMware became well known for their first type 2 hypervisor known as GSX.2 

VMware Backup software

In this day and age, more than 4 million users over the 20,000 corporate customers, use VMware backup software which includes 99 of the fortune 100 companies.

You see when installing VMware software, companies make an effort to meet intricate business challenges such as the resource utilization and availability. As a result, VMware customers have earned weighty benefits such as,

A much higher return on investment capital.
Better customer service.

VMware is widely regarded to be the leader in the virtualization marketplace, and many corporate users working in the VMware workstations are no doubt excited to have the company developing a virtualization solution for VMware Linux on Mac-OS for example. VMware is widely regarded as a leader in the marketplace of VMware workstation.

How a VMware Backup is necessary?

VMware backup best practices are observed in the VMware environments. A solid VMware backup is absolutely necessary for any VMware infrastructure. Storing a copy of a virtual machine makes sure that whenever a failure occurs, you will not be able to lose any important data.

Physical backups like tapes, that host multiple VMs, can drain memory and CPU resources, obstruct networks and may even cause backups to fail. In addition to that, physical backup also takes a lot of time, but with a VM backup, snapshots provide point-in-time representations.

With a VM backup, there are so many utilities that are on offer for you. One of them is “snapshots” which provide point-in0line representations and detailed analysis of the workflow.

Benefits and why to use?

Vibrant and flexible datacenter: With VMware, you can simply use your IT set-up by producing a more vibrant and flexible datacenter with VMware’s relentless servers and datacenter virtualization solutions built on VMware.


Continued IT innovation: With VMware, virtualization continued IT revolution is ensured with the latest IT tools while meeting the enterprise application SLAs and increase in time-to-market for application provisioning and upgrades.


Reduction in capital Expenses: VMware helps to lessen capital expenses by server-consolidation and improvement in operating expenses through automation. At the same time, it minimizes lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.


Automated Operations Management: Automated operations management for the new dynamic virtual infrastructures with VMware vCenter Operations, so you can accelerate IT service delivery, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce risk.


Increased efficiency: VMware also help reduce costs by increasing efficiency and requiring less hardware with server consolidation.


Disaster recovery solutions: VMware also build up business continuity through disaster recovery solutions and deliver high quality availability throughout the datacenter with VMware site Recovery Manager.


Virtualization of enterprise applications: Virtualize enterprise applications which include oracle, exchange, SQL server, share point and SAP and deliver and highest SLAs and top performance.

What is a “Virtual Appliance”?

In the virtual appliance marketplace, a virtual appliance is basically a pre-configured ready to run software application boxed with the operating system inside a virtual machine.

In purely layman’s terms, a VMware simply allows a programmer to configure a software program and an operating system for use and then it is wrapped together as a virtual appliance. In this way, no installation, setup or any configuration is required for the end user.

Virtual appliances can be extremely useful when it comes for legacy applications that may be designed in such a way that an operating system is in wide spread use of one that is not compatible with it.

Luqman Qadir is a Software Developer that builds VMware Backup and Recovery Systems which are fast and efficient. His VMware Backup System is being used by tens of thousands of enterprises all around the world including United States of America.

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