Redhat Rh302 Study Questions

Download Free RH302 Red Hat Linux Certification Practice Exam Questions.

Question: 1
What is the DirectoryIndex Apache configuration directive used for?

A. Printing indexes of directories when they do not have an index.html file
B. The default page to show when the user requests an index of a directory
C. Directories to ignore
D. Directories that have access restrictions

Answer: B

Question: 2
Samba is used for:

A. Sharing resources from a Linux machine to a Windows machine
B. Accessing resources from a Windows machine, for example mounting an SMB share on a
Linux machine
C. Perform password administration.
D. Configure NFS shares.

Answer: A, B

Question: 3
Which of the following is a journaling filesystem?

A. ext2
B. vfat
C. minix
D. ext3

Answer: D

Question: 4
What option to dhcpd is used to specify a certain location for its configuration file?

A. -cf
B. -c
C. -d
D. -f

Answer: A

Question: 5
What DHCP server option is used to specify the DNS server to clients?

A. domain-name-servers
B. dns
C. domain-name
D. routers

Answer: A

Question: 6
In order to open up an SSH shell on a remote machine called ‘tiger’ using the login name of
‘admin’, what would be the proper command line for this?
A. openssh -l admin tiger
B. ssh -l admin tiger
C. ssh admin@tiger
D. sshd tiger admin

Answer: B, C

Question: 7
In order to allow the directory /share to be mounted by the host ‘tiger’ with read and write access,
what must the export line look like?

A. /share tiger(rw)
B. tiger(rw) /share
C. /share tiger
D. /share tiger (rw)

Answer: A

Question: 8
Which of the following commands would transfer a local file called password.txt to a remote
machine called ‘tiger’ via SCP , logging in as ‘admin’, and storing the file in /tmp?

A. scp password.txt admin@tiger:/tmp
B. scp password.txt tiger@admin:/tmp
C. scp password.txt admin tiger /tmp
D. ssh admin@tiger:/tmp

Answer: A

Question: 9
The first ethernet card on a system is:

A. eth0
B. etho0
C. eth1
D. hme0

Answer: A

Question: 10
You can find all of the services managed by xinetd by looking at which of the following file or

A. /etc/xinetd.d
B. /etc/inetd.conf
C. /etc/rc.d/init.d
D. /etc/xinetd.conf

Answer: A

Question: 11
‘serviceconf’ can be used to control xinetd managed services.

A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Question: 12
What is the prefdm file used for?

A. To specify the preferred X display manager to use
B. To setup preferences for GNOME
C. To do performance analysis of system CPU usage
D. To perform profiling of C code

Answer: A

Question: 13
What is the difference between the DROP and REJECT targets in iptables?

A. REJECT will send an error packet back to the source system, whereas DROP will not
B. DROP will send an error packet back to the source system, whereas REJECT will not
C. They are equivalent
D. DROP is invalid, DENY must be used

Answer: A

Question: 14
Software RAID, such as the Linux MD driver, are dependent on CPU as opposed to hardware
RAID, which is implemented on the interface controller itself.

A. True
B. False

Answer: A

Question: 15
In order to set the time zone to ‘US/Eastern’ via Kickstart, what must be in the Kickstart
configuration file?

A. tz US/Eastern
B. timezone US/Eastern
C. It is not possible to set time zone
D. timeconfig US/Eastern

Answer: B

Question: 16
Where do the binaries for XFree86 reside in?

A. /usr/X11R6
B. /etc
C. /etc/X11
D. /X11R6

Answer: A

Question: 17
Why might it be insecure to execute the command ‘xhost +’?
A. It enables anyone to connect to your X display
B. It permits root access on your system

C. It uses up resources on your system
D. It allows anyone to rsh into your system

Answer: A

Question: 18
Which file contains the default system desktop environment?

A. /etc/X11/XF86Config
B. /etc/sysconfig/desktop
C. /etc/sysctl.conf
D. /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager

Answer: B

Question: 19
What is the proper boot command to use when performing a Kickstart installation from a floppy
where configuration is on the floppy itself?

A. linux ks=fd0
B. linux ks
C. linux ks=floppy
D. linux ks=ks.cfg

Answer: C

Question: 20
In order to install all possible packages via a Kickstart installation, what must be in the Kickstart
configuration file under the %packages section?

A. @ All
B. @ Everything
C. @ Server

Answer: B

Question: 21
In which section of the Kickstart configuration file can post-installation commands be specified?

A. %packages
B. %postinstall
C. %pre
D. %post

Answer: D

Question: 22
Apache does not require root to start the server if using ports below 1024.

A. True
B. False

Answer: B

Question: 23
Given a floppy image file ‘disk.img’, what would be the command to mount this image under
/mnt/floppy WITHOUT an actual floppy disk? mount -o loop disk.img /mnt/floppy Name based
virtual hosts cannot be configured with SSL in Apache.

A. True
B. False

Answer: A

Question: 24
In order to define a Samba share that will have read and write access, what option must be
specified for the share in /etc/samba/smb.conf?

A. writable = yes
B. rw
C. rw = yes
D. public = no

Answer: A

Question: 25
All times in the DHCP leases file are in which time zone?

B. The same time zone as the local system
D. There are no times in the DHCP leases file

Answer: A

Question: 26
When using ‘chkconfig’, do changes to xinetd managed services take affect immediately?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A

Question: 27
What does the second field in the file /etc/auto.master refer to?

A. The mount point
B. The map file to be consulted
C. Options
D. A filesystem alias

Answer: B

Question: 28
What partition number always refers to the first logical partition?

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RedHat RH302 Study Questions

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