Windows 7 Security – Microsoft Directaccess

Following my earlier examination of Windows 7 security, I have decided to create a series of articles detailing the security features of Windows 7 (and Windows Server 2008 R2) and what implications they have for the enterprise.

First, I am going to highlight the features of Microsoft DirectAccess, which is a new VPN-like tunneling feature newly added to Windows 7 and 2008 R2.

Essentially DirectAccess is an always-on enterprise VPN technology that requires no user intervention, is more compatible with firewall and NAT functionality and allows remote management of PCs and laptops that are not logged in with a user, but have an Internet connection available.

In order to implement DirectAccess, Microsoft requires the use of IPv6 both on your intranet, and on the workstation.

This will turn off many administrators and organizations, as few administrators today have knowledge of IPv6 and almost none have it deployed within their infrastructure.

Microsoft’s technical overview recommends using 6to4 or Teredo for clients that are using IPv4 addresses (all of them?) adding additional overhead and complexity for administrators to support.

Once you are able to establish a connection from your computer to the enterprise network, the computer is able to communicate with IPv6 enabled corporate resources. Oh wait, you don’t have any?

This requires you to deploy yet another server (referred to as NAT-PT) on your network to accommodate communications between your endpoints and IPv4 only intranet assets. This is a very complex arrangement, and as I am fond of saying complexity is the enemy of security.

One benefit of this technology is that it will seamlessly connect users without requiring them to click on anything to open a VPN connection. To a large degree this will increase the ease and security of accessing corporate resources.

It will also allow administrators to ensure group policies are applied to company computers when they are on the Internet, and deploy anti-virus updates, etc. without the user having to log in and open their VPN. Microsoft uses strong computer and domain based certificates to ensure the integrity of this automatic process.

One drawback might be users leaving WiFi enabled and laptops on when not in use. This defeats much of the security of technologies like Sophos Security and Data Protection and Microsoft’s own BitLocker technologies.

Looking back to the days of Microsoft’s original VPN effort, PPTP, we see they still don’t always take security seriously.

PPTP was a split-tunnel style VPN meaning that users only accessed company resources through the protected tunnel and could surf the Internet directly through their unsecured WiFi or other internet connection.

Microsoft has chosen this to be the default method of using DirectAccess as well continuing a tradition of insecure default settings.

They proclaim it to be for performance reasons, which has a degree of truth to it, but the risk associated with allowing endpoints to communicate directly with their home LANs, the internet, and unsecured WiFi access points in public negates any minor performance increase that may be had.

The majority of attacks against computers are over the web, so leaving a workstation open to the web while accessing sensitive corporate data is counter-intuitive.

In conclusion, I am quite excited by the possibilities this technology offers to the ease of access and security of enterprise data and applications. Deployment, though, requires careful thought on how it should be configured, what enabling it means to security, and most of all how you will migrate to Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2 and IPv6.

This article was written by Chester Wisniewski of Sophos and is published here with their full permission. Sophos provides full data protection services including: security software,encryption software, antivirus, and malware protection.

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Citrix 1y0-a18 Exam Answers

Citrix 1Y0-A18 questions and answers

1Y0-A18 Preparation Lab,At Certification Tutorials when you purchase 1Y0-A18 Preparation Labs you will learn to do things practically. It will take you step by step on how to best approach the basic programs. Our 1Y0-A18 Lab Scenarios will help you build your concepts further. 1Y0-A18 exam is a challenging exam,with our 1Y0-A18 study guide,you can feel safe with our 1Y0-A18 questions and answers that will help you in obtaining your successful completion of your 1Y0-A18 exam.

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1Y0-A18 test candidates can make use of the facility and get ready for the Citrix 1Y0-A18 real exam. High tech Citrix 1Y0-A18 Labs Exam1pass actual-world situation is build for your practice of skills learned in the Citrix 1Y0-A18 tutorials to answer difficult yet logical Citrix 1Y0-A18 simulation questions. Even if youre non-experienced exam-takers, you can easily overcome the toughest Citrix 1Y0-A18 simulations according the foundations of any Citrix 1Y0-A18 tutorials.

The practice test papers are available in some other sources for the persons who want to get the 1Y0-A18 Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 61 CCIA-Citrix Certified Integration Architect CCIA in a proper way. This will be useful not only for the job seekers, but for the working professionals also. The methods are provided for living a modern and comfortable life and the 1Y0-A18 Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 61 CCIA-Citrix Certified Integration Architect CCIA gives the ways for this process.

Everyone knows that Citrix 1Y0-A18 training practice is essential to your candidates with the preparation of certification exams. But its very inconvenience to use Citrix 1Y0-A18 training practice in a classroom. Candidates who cannot attend the classroom sessions shall select online training through various websites. Its easy for the candidates to get the best Citrix 1Y0-A18 exam question information in Exam1pass rich Citrix 1Y0-A18 study guide sources. All 1Y0-A18 test candidates can make use of the facility and get ready for the Citrix 1Y0-A18 real exam.

1Y0-A18 exam is a challenging exam,with our 1Y0-A18 study guide,you can feel safe with our 1Y0-A18 questions and answers that will help you in obtaining your successful completion of your 1Y0-A18 exam.

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Regular Expressions In Linux

A regular expression, (also known as regexp or regex) is very useful for to match a string of text such as specific words, groups of words or characters.


Now, by themselves, regexps don’t do much. But combined with Linux search tools, they are very powerful. Here we’ll use the grep tool with regexps.


Now let’s take a look at an example. Say you wanted to find all the lines in a text file that started with the word “Joe” in a text file called bob.txt. You really can’t do this kind of thing with a typical GUI search tool. But with grep and regexp, it’s easy. Well, easy once you get the hang of it!


Our file bob.txt contains six lines:
Bob is a great guy
Unlike his buddy, Joe.
Bob likes to work.
Joe is a real bum.
Joe likes to watch other people work.
Jim is my hero.
James is not.


Here’s the grep command:

grep ‘^Joe ‘* bob.txt

Joe is a real bum.
Joe likes to watch other people work.

Notice how only the lines that start with Joe are printed?

The ‘^Joe’* part is the regular expression.

The ^ means start at the beginning of the line.
“Joe” means search for the word Joe.
The * is a wildcard meaning anything can come after Joe.

What if we wanted to match all lines in which the second letter is “o”?

In this case we need to use the. (period), which tells grep to search for any single character.

grep ‘^.o’ bob.txt

Bob is a great guy.
Bob likes to work.
Joe is a real bum.
Joe likes to watch other people work.


The [] brackets, are used to match a range of characters. For example, we could search for any lines that start with a “J” then any letter between a-m.

grep ‘^J[a-m]’ bob.txt

Jim is my hero.
James is not.

Now, even though Jim starts with a “J”, it is excluded because the second character is not between a-m.


I hope this gets you more familiar using regexps. Please be aware that there are several versions of grep and some use slightly different regexp expressions. If you find a great regexp on the internet and it doesn’t work on your system, it may be because it’s not compatible with your particular version of grep. We’ve only touched the surface here, but I hope this gives some understanding of regexps and a hint at how powerful they can be.


Rand’s Adjustable Safety Razor website is a fantastic resource for old-school double-edge razor fans. Check out the Merkur safety razor page for info on Merkur’s adjustable safety razors.

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Understanding Vmware VCP-310 Certification Exam

Technological advance in current times has surpassed all levels of expectations. Newer and better products with higher grade of technology are the call of the day. Software companies are leaving no stone unturned to trap the best available resources to handle the technology. Skilled manpower is always required by the Information technology companies to carry forward this research and development.

VMware Certified Professional on VI3.5 certification exams is one such exam which tests the technical know-how of an IT professional in the field of Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Being conducted by VMware, this certification is commonly known as VCP-310 certification.


This company was funded in the year 1998, and is based out in California. The primary objective of this company is the research and development in the field of Virtualization and Cloud Computing. The term VM stands for Virtual Machine and the last ware has been derived from the word software. One of the primary use of this technology is to distribute a string of secured virtual desktops to a network comprising of the client’s core system.

Today, this technology can be executed on any platform: Windows based, Linux or Macintosh systems. More than 50% of the Fortune 500 company today rely on this technology to gain myriad benefits. Some of the benefits of running the Virtual Machine on enterprise level include: Reduced cost of ownership, More than expected return on investment and exceptionally good client satisfaction.

About this exam:

This certification tests the expertise level of a potential candidate in the following domain: ESX Server 3.5 and Virtual Center 2.5. Both of these products are the launching pad of VMware. As per the official statement from the company, any IT professional having a hands-on knowledge on these products and services can appear for this examination.

Once a candidate has cleared this examination, he can expect a substantial raise in the salary and other benefits. The job market will search you, and not vice-versa.

At the end of this article, I recommend to use VCP-310 exam pdf guide and VCP-310 practice exam for exam preparation which are developed by Exams Expert with money back guarantee incase you fail in exam.

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Registry Error Repair – How To Fix Vmware-vmx.exe Error?

If you are getting something different or something odd with your computer performance, it means that there may be something wrong inside your computer and you need to fix it immediately before things get more complicated. One of the major problems is with Vmware-vmx.exe error. And once you meet this problem, you need to fix Vmware-vmx.exe error as soon as possible.
And to fix Vmware-vmx.exe error is possible. If you are a computer geek, you can try to go to the registry and manually fix Vmware-vmx.exe error by yourself. But if you are only a user with a little computer knowledge, its best to use a wonderful Registry Repair Tool.
Here’s a quick word of warning for you, however. Unless you know what you are doing, editing the registry by hand can be a dangerous proposition. One mistake and your computer may not even boot back up!
So downloading a fantastic registry repair tool would be a wise idea to fix Vmware-vmx.exe error.
Step 1 Free download the Best Registry Repair Tool.
Step 2 Launch it after the setup.
Step 3 Press Scan Now
Step 4 Press Repair Problems and fix registry error within seconds
Bravo! Vmware-vmx.exe error has been deleted successfully from your computer. How simple!
Using a professional Repair Tool makes complicated things easy. After you have installed the program, it will perform a registry scan on your system. Then check for all of the errors that are hiding in your registry and report what it found.
After the scan, you can allow the software to automatically fix Vmware-vmx.exe error that was found. You can accept this option and your Registry Repair Tool will go about fixing these errors immediately.
Registry Genius is a Powerful, Advanced and Best Registry Cleaner that can provide you with definitely advanced and professional registry cleaning solution. Registry Genius will fully scan, accurately diagnose, and completely repair Vmware-vmx.exe error, leaving you with nothing but a highly-optimized PC.

Are you looking for the best Registry Repair Software? Free Download the Best Registry Repair – Registry Genius on the market now at and completely clean up your computer registry in 2 minutes!

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Technology Staffing

It is very obvious that I.T. industry has grown up and still to grow more. The industry is still hunting the best probable candidatures from the huge crowd. The award, reward and reorganization are hanging above each position in the IT industry. Technology Staffing Services has been keeping the key role in it.


And this service has proven the importance of the recruitment services in IT industry in last couple of years. The IT staffing efforts is improved efficiently with its unique staffing process. The professionals and process is flexible and focused target oriented as well as quality cautious. The customized solution is very needful for all the employers in this industry. The technical method is very important in this field such as resource planning, recruiting strategies and quality consulting.


The goal should support the employer focusing on quantity and quality resources to make the client success. The recruiting strategies should be opened and worthy for the employer as well as candidates. The huge crowd is the potential where Technology Staffing company can accumulate huge techies as resources and convert as asset to any hiring companies. I.T. Staffing Services brings the solution at any point of time for both candidates and hiring companies.


Providing IT services are crucial to the core technology based companies. Similarly, providing a better job for an IT talented professional is too tough. There are some targeted fields and technology come under the recruitment strategy for IT staffing companies are IT and Communications Jobs, IT Infrastructure jobs, business analysts, creative architectural and software designing, software development jobs, web designing jobs, Internet jobs etc. The important role of IT staffing company is to serve consistently providing them with great opportunities within quality assurance.


The IT staffing services focus on the technical based potential i.e. employers and job seekers. This is called hi-tech industries, where the requirement is instant and high rewarding. Simply we can say the opportunities are excel and the growth is faster. So the process of recruiting and human resource management should be dynamic to serve better. A1coders has the unique process and implementation method that brings the best solution for clients.


We at A1coders, match the IT employers and IT techies with industry experience, skill expertise to prove the quality aspect in our recruitment service process. This is our ability and culture to build relationships based on the quality service. We are unique in management and process comparing to our competitors. Consistency and break less service providing is our one of the mission.

I am Mohan read mathematics at Stanford and remained there for his MS. From 1998-1999 on researched in Evolution and in Animal Behavior in  Camrbidge, UK. I was was then a professor in the departments of Anthropology and Biology, New Jersy College, USA. Now teaches at the department of Zoology. Carried out research in several areas of evolutionary biology, particularly in sexual selection and the comparative method.

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Overview of Citrix Certifications

Citrix certifications are one of the information technology certifications that are designed for IT professionals in order to gain some skills in a particular domain. Citrix certifications are also said as one of the top most ranked as well as hottest certifications that help the candidates to get trained for delivering most valuable solutions in the Citrix application platforms. All certifications from Citrix are completely responsible in handling complex environments or multinational organizations. Citrix certifications help both IT organizations as well as professionals in several ways and satisfy each other (professionals and organizations/ clients) in terms of business.

Advantages/ benefits for companies/ Employers:

Several advantages for companies from Citrix professionals are as follows. They are:

1) Professionals who are certified with Citrix certifications have complete knowledge about the tasks that are needed to be performed in the organizations/ companies. So, companies prefer Citrix certified professionals rather than other professionals because it includes cost to the company in training. On the other hand, Citrix professionals would have learned more and just basic trainings are enough to handle the projects directly.

2) Multinational companies will have their valuable client for ongoing businesses and hiring top performers will motivate the client and long term relationship will be maintained.

3) Similarly, various competition threats can overcome with the help of top performers because clients always expect quality in work.

Advantages/ benefits to IT professionals:

Several advantages to IT professionals from Citrix certifications are as follows and they are:

1) Successful certified candidates will be eligible to perform various tasks in Citrix products and it helps them to find an opportunity in top most companies around the world

2) Since Citrix certifications are valid and accepted all over the world, candidates can certify from any part of the world and also can get various opportunities from all over the world.

3) Since companies are seeking only for professionals that match best for their job, Citrix certified professionals will always have a first preference from those companies at the time of recruitment.

4) Once performance is shown, professionals can shine in their career as Citrix certified professionals are always in demand.

5) If professionals show best performance in the company, incentives will be provided from the company and in return, companies will also provide various benefits to the desired candidates to have them work for long term.

Author highly recommends SelfTest Engine for All IT Certification Preparation such as citrix certification [] and citrix certification site []. Visit us to download SelfTest Engine Free Now!

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Booting to a Linux Console vs Linux Desktop – Linux Training Online – Linux Concepts & Terms

As part of getting Linux training on Linux concepts, you need to learn Linux terms to understand the concepts.

These articles, with names ending in “Linux Concepts & Terms”, have been created to help you learn how to “speak geek” and understand Linux terms – and this will help you learn how to use Linux!

Linux Tips: Rather than just defining Linux terms, these articles will describe “related” Linux terms “in context”, while using the terms to describe Linux concepts. The end result is: “Translating Linux Geek-Speak into Clear Steps for Frustration-Free Mastery!”

Booting Linux to a Console or to a Desktop and Logging In to Linux

You can set up Linux to 1) boot to a console, also known as a virtual terminal – or 2) boot to a Linux desktop.

To use Linux, you must log in to Linux. You log in as a user at a login prompt at a console, or at a GUI login prompt, prior to going to a Linux desktop.

Booting Linux to a Linux Console

When you boot to a Linux console, you don’t see a Linux desktop or have access to a Linux desktop, you just see a black screen with a login prompt, and the login prompt looks similar to this: Login:

Linux Tips: Linux servers are very often installed and set up so that they boot to a Linux console (a Login: prompt) instead of a Linux desktop. In many situations, a Linux desktop is not required on a Linux server and so a desktop is not installed.

To run Linux commands to do Linux system administration, you log in as the user named root – at the Login: prompt at the console, not at a GUI login prompt prior to logging in to a desktop.

At the Login: prompt, you type in root and press Enter and then type in the password for the root user at the password prompt and press Enter.

Linux Tips: For security reasons, never log in to a Linux desktop as the root user. To work as the root user from a Linux desktop, log in to the desktop as a regular user, open a terminal emulation window and run the su command, with the – (dash) option.

The Linux terms: “Linux console”, “Linux terminal”, “Linux virtual terminal”, “vt” and “terminal emulation window” are also sometimes referred to as simply “terminal” or “console”.

Now imagine watching Linux video tutorials that show you how to: boot to a Linux console and log in to do Linux administration tasks, boot to a Linux desktop and open a terminal emulation window, and how to go from a Linux desktop to a virtual terminal – and that also explain the “why” of it all!

Nice, calm, relaxed, step-by-step, and showing you everything you need to know – and explaining all the Linux concepts and terms along the way – easy Linux training all the way!

You can watch Free Sample I Learn Linux Video Tutorials at and get over the steep Linux learning curve.

Sign up for Free I Learn Linux News to receive technical tips, info on new video samples and important updates on Linux.

You need to learn Linux the easy way to get that new job, qualify for that next promotion, earn a hefty raise, get Linux certification, or keep your current job because your company is trying to save on software licensing fees (eza). Watch, do, and learn!

Clyde Boom, Author and Expert Trainer with 20+ Years of Training Successes. Explains intricate technical matters in an easy-to- understand, non-technical manner, with tens of thousands of software and hardware learners into masters.

Article Source:

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VMWare Free VCP-410 demo

Exam Number/Code : VCP-410

Exam Name : VMware Certified Professional on VI4

Questions and Answers : 300 Q&As

Update Time: 2010-08-29

Having VCP-410 answers of VMWare on your repertoire can do wonders for your career. What matters, is the right time and a decision taken in the right direction. Go for that direction right now, by registering for VMWare certification exams, since there is no time better than right now.

Career growth and progress is ultimately every individual’s growth, and being endorsed with a certificate by VMWare will see to it that you get your efforts worth. Visualexams on the other hand, will see to it, that you get your money’s worth. Preparing with Visualexams for your VCP-410 exam will not only save you energy and resources but time as well, since we have done all that for you, what might take you months to achieve. All that you have to do is to go through our product, and you will acquire this certificate for yourself.

We are all well aware that a major problem in the IT industry is that there is a lack of quality study materials. Our VCP-410 dumps Preparation Exam Material provides you everything you will need to take a certification examination. Details are researched and produced by Certification Experts who are constantly using industry experience to produce precise, logical and verified explanations for the answers. You may get questions from different web sites or books, but logic is the key.

Visualexams is a professional training website in IT certification exam. It is designed for anyone who wants to pass any IT tests. The products and updating will match with the official website so that you can get the latest products and the most all-round service provided by a professional pre-sale &post-sale team. In addition, we are in support of Local Currency payment.

Visualexams offers free VCP-410 demo. You can check out the interface, question quality and usability of our practice exams before you decide to buy it. We are the only one site can offer demo for almost all products.

Visualexams is the absolute way to pass your VCP-410 exam within no time. An authentic and comprehensive VCP-410 exam solution is available at Visualexams. With our exclusive online VCP-410 preparation materials you will pass VCP-410 exam easily. Visualexams guarantees 100% success rate.

Visualexams gives you unlimited online access to its VMWare VCP-410 Training Tools, you can download and carry them with you at any time.

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7 Things to Remember About Server Virtualization

Virtual servers are primarily used for the purpose of server consolidation, which is running two or more virtual machines on a single physical system. Virtualization is an effective method to save money on hardware, maintenance, management and administration. Before you set out to take a plunge into server virtualization, it is essential to take into consideration the following 7 important facts and issues.

All virtual servers are not the same

It should be kept in mind that all virtual servers do not have that same performance and proficiency. Therefore, before selecting the software, it is advisable to conduct in-depth comparative analysis. The analysis will help you to find a virtual server exactly according to your unique requirements. For instance, if you’re intending to install 2 to 4 virtual machines, then a free or low-cost software application like Microsoft Virtual PC would be good enough. However, if you intention is to consolidate several severs, and at the same time, you need highest level of security and scalability, then you should opt for robust virtual severs as ESX Servers of VMWare.

Checkout the software licensing requirements

A majority of software vendors do not consider virtual machine to be different from a typical physical system. For this reason, software licenses become compulsory for each and every operating system and application that you run on your host computer or virtual machines. There are some software vendors who prohibit the use of software application in a virtual environment. Hence, prior to using the application, read the license terms and conditions carefully.

Ensure that the applications run well in virtual environment

Many applications do not run properly in the virtual environment. Some might not give optimal performance, while other might not utilize the power of the resources fully. To get maximum benefits of server virtualization, you should make sure that the applications run appropriately in the virtual environment.

Try to think beyond Windows

In addition to virtual servers from Windows, you can use various others equally powerful virtualization applications. For example, Virtuozzo is an excellent virtualization application for both Linux and Windows operating system. Xen and Open VZ are some other good options.

Capacity planning is important

The complete set of benefits of virtualization can only be achieved when the hardware capabilities match perfectly with the server requirements. In order to achieve this objective, intensive capacity planning becomes crucial. For the virtual servers to give optimum performance, you would need to provide adequate RAM, appropriate physical and virtual hard disks, good network adaptors and sufficient number of CPUs. For infallible backup, you would also have to invest in redundant hardware

Security and disaster recovery issues

As a rule, server virtualization enhances the overall security of the system. From your perspective, it is relatively easier to make the entire system safe and secure due to the consolidation of servers. With respect to the attackers, it is extremely difficult to intrude because of the highly complex set of the resources. Server virtualization also makes disaster recovery a piece of cake. In the case of hardware failure, virtual machines can either be restored on a different virtual setup or on the same physical system. As compared to typical systems, the downtime is less, so the availability and productivity automatically increases.

Training and management

Maintenance of virtual server is not an easy proposition. Only well-trained and experienced professionals can successfully manage the systems properly. Give you staff proper training and hire proficient professionals for the upkeep of your virtual server.

Zettagrid is an Australia-wide provider of virtual servers, hosting, providing infrastructure for Iaas and Paas. On demand servers, running either Linux or Windows are available and can be setup and running within minutes.

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