Moving mailboxes to an Exchange 2010 DAG Errors

Moving mailboxes to an Exchange 2010 DAG Errors

OK , this for me to remember and for others who are having this problems to use .

when moving an exchange mailbox from exchange 2003 or exchange 2007 mailbox between two sites today , some of the sites had a slow connection and I encounterd these errors below :

Error: Move for mailbox ‘/o=First Organization/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=user’ is stalled because DataMoveReplicationConstraint is not satisfied for the database ‘Database’ (agent MailboxDatabaseReplication). Failure Reason: Database  does not satisfy constraint SecondCopy. Some database copies are behind.

this is frustrating , what`s the problem ?  with more digging and researching on the internet , I found the cause of the problem . if you run the command below on target database copy :


i am definitely sure  that you will see  CopyQueueLength was fairly high on the server located on the slow  WAN.   this causes the mailbox move to fail with the listed error above .  looking at  the StatusDetail shows StalledDueToHA. data is stalled waiting  for the log shipping to catch up on the slow server.

To get a more detailed picture on the move progress, I had to run this command :
Get-MoveRequest Get-MoveRequestStatistics | ft displayname,*stat*,perc*,totalmailboxsize

Solution for Moving mailboxes to an Exchange 2010 DAG Errors:

Researching the web I found out that Exchange Active Manager doesn’t allow  CopyQueueLength to be over 10 files, or the replay queue length over 50.

I found out that to work around this constraint , and move the mailbox , you have to disable the limit temporary .  disabling the limit allow the mailbox move and the seeding to  occur over time.

either you have to disable limit temporary or fix your database health before moving , another recommended Microsoft fix is to upgrade the WAN .

so to disable the limit I ran following command on power shell :

Set-MailboxDatabase  “target database” -DataMoveReplicationConstraint :None

by default the constraint is set to  SecondCopy.

for more information on the other settings go to .

As soon as i set constraint to secondcopy and waited for 10 mn I was able to move the mailbox with no problems .

once the move completed i run  get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus  again   and verified that  database’s CopyQueueLength is normalized, then I re-enable the second copy  constraint using:

Set-MailboxDatabase  “target database” -DataMoveReplicationConstraint :secondcopy



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