Microsoft Exchange Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disaster management has become a need of organization whether they are small business or a large enterprise, specifically those who have an exchange server environment around there walls. Creating backup of entire server mailboxes and items is a good way of information and disaster management but that too become uncertain when something goes wrong with BKF file.

If you are a Microsoft windows user, you might have used NTbackup utility to create the backup of your exchange server mailboxes. This is an in built utility by MS to create automatic backup of exchange folders so that if exchange server get crashed or corrupted or mailboxes get permanently deleted, backup can be restored to retain the information. But the reality is that, just as your server may get infected and crash, the exchange backup files too. This put a big question upon the reliability and future disaster management of company’s crucial and confidential records.

MS Exchanger Server Need, Advantages and Aftermaths 

Exchange server has surfaced as a mailing server to provide the organization a better way to keep their data and communication bounded within their office walls for the secrecy. Although, creating a client server model within office cost them high, in no time the exchange server start ruling the every organization’s network. Users or employees are provided to communicate with their unique official id and every single record remains under monitoring by the system admin on server.

Even though having such benefits, the exchange server was not treated as a reliable method to keep the data safe and secure. This is due to the following reasons:

Server may get crash due to virus attack or infection
Permanent deletion has no inbuilt recovery option
Frequent server maintenance is required
High server downtime hampering work flow.

Exchange Backup Recovery for Better Disaster Management

Exchange backup file corruption is the extreme situation where you are supposed to almost lose your data permanently. Another way is to recover the lost data from exchange backup file by simply repairing the backup file. This can be effortlessly done through the software for exchange backup recovery i.e. SysTools Exchange BKF Recovery. This utility has been developed to help users to repair the exchange backup file from damages, recover the missing data by deep scanning and restore the file backup on to the exchange server.

Leading the online market with its most advanced data recovery solutions and file management services, we provide you an exclusive utility to recover exchange backup file that is Exchange backup recovery software.

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