Integrate Your Blackberry With Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email

Loads of business people utilize Blackberry mobile phones, simply because they offer a great number of collaboration features. Countless end users do not use their Blackberry devices to their fullest extent, because of the reason that they sometimes would not have a Microsoft Exchange Server, or they don’t really have Blackberry Enterprise Software.

Blackberry Enterprise software is a significantly resource hungry software suite and will definitely be really tough to setup. If your Blackberry device is linked with Microsoft Exchange via Blackberry Enterprise it really is an extremely powerful collaboration tool. With instantaneous access to email, contacts, schedule and tasks you can keep up-to-date with your active time-table.

A great number of Blackberry customers don’t have a Microsoft Exchange server and for that reason are unable to make use of these amazing features. But, in today’s world of cloud computing services there exists a cost efficient means to access the many business specific features of your Blackberry Device. Hosted Microsoft Exchange services are quite affordable and now with AUS-IP’s SecurXchange supporting Blackberry devices, you will not only take advantage of all the features of Microsoft Exchange for a small monthly cost, you may also integrate your Blackberry handheld utilising SecurXchange’s hosted Blackberry Enterprise service.

Setting up your Blackberry device when using a hosted Exchange environment such as SecurXchange will be simple and quick. Easily and quickly setup your own Hosted Exchange 2010 account, effortlessly import all your pre-existing email data files into Outlook and activate your Blackberry handheld using the activation email delivered to you. It could not be simpler. You could have your Blackberry handheld synchronised with all your e mail data within minutes.

If you decide to setup your Blackberry device with all of these functions making use of your own IT equipment and technical support personnel, it could take days maybe even several weeks to buy, set up and configure your exchange server. And then installing, configuring and activating your own Blackberry Enterprise software would definitely take, at best, yet another few hours. Your entire process has at this time cost you at least $ 10,000 in addition to a whole lot more hardware and software that your company needs to shell out to service and maintain.

There’s a lot of primary advantages of utilizing your Blackberry mobile to its fullest, nonetheless normally it truly is cost prohibitive. But using a hosted Microsoft Exchange service along with hosted Blackberry Enterprise services, will give you every one of the amazing benefits without the expense and headache associated with setting up your own IT infrastructure.

It ought to be a pretty simple conclusion.

To find out more about hosted exchange email services and the integration of blackberry devices please visit AUS-IP Services for service information and articles.

Hey, I am a developer and technical engineer of cloud computing services for the company AUS-IP Services. We develop and deploy many cloud services for small to medium businesses, servicing clients in the Australasian area.

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