Importance Of Virtualization

The term virtualization refers to server virtualization, which means running several operating systems on a single computer. While only one operating system is installed at most of the computers, the server virtualization software allows a computer to run a number of operating systems at the same time by giving other systems access to the computer’s hardware – such as the CPU, RAM and video cards. And since each and every server is isolated from each other’s virtualized servers, if one of them crashes, it doesn’t affect the others.

The infrastructure of a company might be a complex ecosystem with various servers, operating systems and many applications that are interacting with a wide variety of desktops. It is very complicated to manage and support such critical technology since the entire process is very time consuming. Many companies will help you in desktop virtualization and to deploy servers that will reduce cost, increase hardware utilization and speed up the routine task. Since deploying virtualization technology is a cost effective way to handle such challenges, and they are always there to assist you.

Virtual machine follows the concept of encapsulation, as all the files are kept together it is easy to save, copy and provision a virtual machine rapidly. Fully configured applications, operating systems, BIOS and virtual hardware can be moved in few seconds from one physical server to another, for zero maintenance and continuous workload consolidation.

Various Benefits Of Virtualization

Encapsulation: Complete virtual machine environment is saved as a single file which is easy to back up, move and copy.

Isolation: Virtual machines are completely isolated with the host machine and other virtual machines. If one of them crashes, others are not affected. Even data does not leak across virtual machines and applications can communicate over configured network connections only.

Partitioning: Numerous operating systems and applications can be supported in a single physical system. Servers can be consolidated into virtual machines in two scale architecture i.e. scale-up & scale-out.

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