Exchange 2003 Management Tools on Windows 7 64 Bit

How to get Exchange Management Tools working on Windows 7 64 bit:

Below you can find a step by step guide to install exchange 2003 management tools on windows 7 64 Bit ,

  1. First Install the windows 7 AdminPak (RSAT) from :Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)

  1. Enable IIS and Remote Server Admin Tools , this includes active directory users and computers
  2. Use the “Turn Windows features on or off” feature to add these options , check link below :

  1. Install Latest Service Pack of Windows 7 64 bit ( SP1)
  2. Download and install VISTA ESM from here :

  1. Follow these steps to install Vista ESM

Run the file to extract the MSI, this will create another ESMVISTA.msi file in a subdir you specified, running the below command straight on this file will not work.

Start a command prompt with admin rights,

Start->all programs-> accessories-> RIGHT CLICK on the Command prompt and click run as administrator.

browse to the folder with the extracted MSI file, and run it with the /q switch to get rid of the error . so the command will be :


Wait for at least 10 minutes while msi install is running in Quite Mode

this is is a silent install, so you won’t see anything, please make sure that you wait at least 10 mn before you run active directory users and computers , or check task manager to verify that the process msieexec is not running before your run active directory users and computers .

  1. Finally ,

If you are running windows 7 32 bit then just run active directory users and computers ( you are done ).

If you are using windows 7 64 bit then you have to add /32 switch to active directory users and computers, as this mmc snapin runs by default on x64 mode.

To add the switch, right click “ADUC” shortcut >> properties and add /32 to the end of the link.

Hope this post was helpful to you . let me know if you have any problems installing . I will be glad to assist!

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