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Are you still not sure whether you would like to deploy Windows 8 or not? If this is the case, then you are perhaps not fully aware of its features and functionalities. This new operating system from Microsoft is built to meet high-end technological needs and to offer incredible output. It can run on any configuration setting ranging from laptops, media center PCs, tablet PCs, netbooks and home and enterprising desktops.

You can also deploy Windows 8 to get rid of installing antivirus solutions from outside. This OS already has antivirus solution available in it. As a result, you don’t have to worry about methods to secure your system against potential virus threats.

Also there is nothing to worry if you want Windows 8 for your iPads. It takes great care of all the security concerns but in a different way. It doesn’t go for the traditional password oriented safety net. Rather, it allows access on the basis of biometrics match. To ensure this technology works fine, Microsoft has put a very efficient hardware in place.

You may also like to deploy Windows 8 on your system to take advantage of its offerings of the two most desired components as found in any Apple store and Android lines. Windows 8 app store is well guarded to keep malware attacks at bay. With its high end functionalities, you can check the quality of your code or make an exit from the running process anytime. At the time of approval, you will be reported about the processes your application had run. This feature has been specially devised to prevent any unfortunate instances of security breaches.

Other factor that can make good sense for you to deploy Windows 8 is that it has professional edition for desktop and laptop configuration settings. Additionally, a choice of more than one hardware and processer adds to its expected status.

Like others, you need to choose from different methods for Windows 8 installation. One can deploy this OS with the help of manual, prepared or automated process. The first two methods are not much favorable as manual operation requires great deal of installation time and prepared solutions needs image maintenance. In case of prepared solutions, you may have to exceed your budget as well.

Since both these methods are not supportive, you can depend on the automated solutions. It is largely cost-effective and fast. It doesn’t require additional resources and is suitable in installing and reinstalling scenarios.

In this method, you can use MDT 2012 version to deploy Windows 8. MDT can initiate and change application deployment settings through System Center Configuration Manager 2012. To ensure high-end security, it can also be joined with the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager.

You can deploy Windows 8 to complete high-end installation projects with ease using MDT 2012. It is helpful in both desktop and server downloads. The security system is also quite strong. And if you are worrying about the procedure, just shun all your tension. Proper guides are in place to help you.


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