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Why Should a Business Choose VMWare for Virtualization

In the ever-evolving world of business, companies are often faced with a number of challenges while attempting to keep up with service level agreements (SLA’s) while their budgets continue to shrink. These challenges often translate into large capital (both human and monetary) requirements to simply keep up with these trends. One piece of technology that […]

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Linux Recovery: How To Prevent Data Loss In Linux

In computing, Partition is a part of hard drive that works as a different disk and has a separate file system. Disk partitioning is usually done for better management of stored data and to ensure safety of valuable data in case of operating system malfunction. However, there are some circumstances where you need to remove […]

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VMWare vCenter and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

I know this might be a weird combination, but if you ever have to install VMWare vCenter 4.0 and MS SQL including Reporting Service on the same machine (Windows Server 2008 64 Bit), this is how it is done. Be warned, VMWare will eventually not support this configuration, but I had no issues with that up […]

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