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Regular Expressions In Linux

A regular expression, (also known as regexp or regex) is very useful for to match a string of text such as specific words, groups of words or characters.   Now, by themselves, regexps don’t do much. But combined with Linux search tools, they are very powerful. Here we’ll use the grep tool with regexps.   […]

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Understanding Vmware VCP-310 Certification Exam

Technological advance in current times has surpassed all levels of expectations. Newer and better products with higher grade of technology are the call of the day. Software companies are leaving no stone unturned to trap the best available resources to handle the technology. Skilled manpower is always required by the Information technology companies to carry […]

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Registry Error Repair – How To Fix Vmware-vmx.exe Error?

If you are getting something different or something odd with your computer performance, it means that there may be something wrong inside your computer and you need to fix it immediately before things get more complicated. One of the major problems is with Vmware-vmx.exe error. And once you meet this problem, you need to fix […]

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