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Custom Sensors & Technology; Measuring And Monitoring Turbidity Through Photometric Analyzers

Article by Timmy Vic As a mean to efficiently monitor the turbidity in a variety of process streams, Custom Sensors & Technology has developed a reliable low-cost Photometric Analyzer [] and sample interface. Photometric Analyzers from Custom Sensors & Technology are fiber optic-based and operate over the UV-VIS and NIR regions of the spectrum, which […]

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Importance Of Virtualization

The term virtualization refers to server virtualization, which means running several operating systems on a single computer. While only one operating system is installed at most of the computers, the server virtualization software allows a computer to run a number of operating systems at the same time by giving other systems access to the computer’s […]

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Understanding Desktop Virtualization

  Desktop virtualization is the concept of detaching the environment of a personal computer desktop from the physical machine. Hence, instead of using physical machines users operate virtual machines to access their desktops. Desktop virtualization works on the principle of client-server model of computing. The client-server model of computing is a distributed application where the […]

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What are the VMware PCI Basics?

Today every business need visualization solutions for a more effective and dynamic datacenter. Many organizations are looking to virtualize their IT environments. One of the major virtualization platforms which have proven their niche in the market are the VMware vSphere. VMware is a leading vendor of virtualization products and cloud infrastructure solutions; they have developed […]

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Features Of Microsoft Windows 7, The Next Gen OS

Article by Naval Gogia Think of the next-generation operating system and you will be instantly transported to the world of Microsoft Windows 7. High-quality experiences across PCs, applications, services, and devices are what you and those with whom you are associated through it can enjoy. If you are a professional working from home with a […]

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