Link Exchange ? a power play

It is a truth universally acknowledged that webmasters seeking to build the prominence of their sites and their position in search engine results must of necessity engage in a dedicated link-building effort. All the search engines use the extent of inbound links to a web page as a means of assessing the value of that page, the logic being that if someone has bothered to provide a link to the page, there must be something

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worthwhile on it, and the more links there are, the more worthwhile it must be.  Quantity, of course, is not everything, and the quality of those links is also important, measured usually by the Google PageRank of the page on which the link is located. A number of different programmes exist which will search for web for sites offering high PageRank and keywords similar to yours that might make attractive link partners.  All you have to do then, so the logic goes, is contact the webmaster and offer to exchange links. 

However this process is not as straightforward as it seems.  Brand new sites that need links the most, and for which the marginal value of an additional link is highest, are the hardest to build links for, since the value of the links which they can offer in exchange is lowest. So if you are seeking to play this game, you need to be aware of the power-play politics of link exchange.  You will soon find that the majority of well-established sites have a form on one of their web pages an example) which you can complete and submit for consideration.  Invariably the form requires you to put your link in place first.  This involves around 2-4 minutes work, depending on the efficiency of your own process for posting links on your own site. 

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  However, you have no guarantee that the other website will do anything other than say to themselves ‘Yes, great, another inbound link for no expense’, and not bother to reciprocate the link, reasoning that they will save themselves a few minutes work and the submitting party may not bother to follow up and go through the process of deleting the link they have put up, since this will be extra work for them.  Indeed it is probably true that the effort of establishing that a link has not been reciprocated, and then deleting your link to that site, is more than the cost of maintaining that link in place (after all, this cost is little or nothing). Experience suggests that less than 10% of forms which you complete will ever result in a reciprocal link actually being established. This means that the 2-4 minutes work for a link submission has just become 20-40 minutes work per link that you actually get.  Your link-building strategy has just become very expensive indeed.


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Quattro technology

The ability to inspire driver confidence in getting traction when and where needed, regardless of road conditions, is a powerful one. So it’s no wonder that the notion of a car with permanent four-wheel drive was a revolutionary concept and set a new benchmark for driver safety and performance.

Yet this is what quattro technology brought to the idea of the four-wheel drive. Drivers could now tackle snow covered mountain passes, rain-slicked highways and gravel-strewn rural roads with ease while still enjoying a level of performance unachievable by two-wheel drive cars on smooth dry roads.

This simple, yet powerful idea of sending power to all wheels was made most apparent when introduced to the World Rally Championship where the startling acceleration and remarkable traction achieved by quattro technology was eventually deemed an “unfair advantage” and banned from road racing altogether after repeatedly dominating the field.

How it works

The basis for quattro technology is permanent power being applied to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles. By sending power to each axle, there is a much lower power requirement and very well balanced handling, which means better traction during acceleration and greater safety thanks to exceptional road holding.

This is especially true in conditions where two-wheel-drive vehicles would lose grip. If the wheels of one axle lose grip and threaten to spin, the drive torque in a quattro system, is redirected in the central differential to the other axle. This occurs automatically and continuously, creating greater lateral stability and improved traction.

Permanent all-wheel drive technology like quattro is essentially a proactive mechanical system with a self-locking center differential and continuously variable torque distribution, so it instantly responds to wheel speed differences and dynamically adjusts power to the wheels with the best traction.

When supported by advanced electronic control systems it can offer numerous benefits over other all-wheel drive systems bringing sports car-like performance and handling with uncompromised all-wheel drive traction.

Driver confidence

Since quattro technology was first introduced in 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland it has not only established itself in motor sports, but in cars that are used on roads daily. It provides high levels of safety, dynamism and improved traction on all kinds of surfaces and all-round better performance.

It is under extreme conditions and in unexpected situations that the need for quattro technology became apparent and important. When other systems would suffer from understeer or oversteer, an all-wheel-drive system stays smooth and balanced. Even if a driver decelerates in a bend which they have taken too fast, the system has the ability to independently stabilize itself and can easily be brought back into line.

It’s for these reasons that quattro technology not only raises the benchmark in high-performance engineering but its permanent four-wheel drive solution is fast becoming an industry standard.

Audi South Africa continues to be an innovator in the automotive industry with its revolutionary quattro technology. Experience permanent four-wheel-drive and book an Audi test drive today.

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Stock Exchange For Beginners

I am in the process of putting together a beginners guide to the stock market for a new website I am working on and I thought I might let you have a look too. I hope that the few articles I write (I’m planning three) won’t be too insulting to you, dear reader, but hopefully they may contain a nugget of use too.

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Before I start, I ought to point out that these won’t be like any other pages ‘for beginners’ that you have ever seen. Here’s why …

I have been fascinated by investments since I was in my teens. Most teenagers read the sports pages, I read the financial pages. I bought my first shares aged 18. Into adulthood and I became a financial adviser at the grand old age of 24. I have sat and passed numerous financial exams and several investment specific professional qualifications.

I have read dozens of books about stock picking, economics, finance, politics, business, marketing, investment gurus and their autobiographies. In short, I am now past 30 and have spent the better part of my thinking life interested in investments.

I have been involved in a UK based share club and did much of the club’s analysis. Aged 23/24 I was involved in managing a portfolio of close to £100,000. I have read hundreds of company reports, annual and interim. I have also looked at hundreds, if not thousands of graphs. Still, to this day, I read about investment markets for perhaps 10 to 15 hours each week.

Again, back in my early 20’s, I used to assist a close friend, alas now departed, with his investment holdings and decisions – his portfolio had over 100 UK holdings and he was worth several million pounds.

The point I am getting to here is a simple one. No matter how much you study and work, the investment markets are huge and have so many variations that no one person will ever master them all.

I have friends and clients that work as economists, and really don’t understand investments. I have friends that work in Investment banking that categorically do not understand investments.

In fact, as far as I can tell, investment bankers are about the last people on earth that you would want to take investment advice from. They usually have an MBA and a good degree and are very smart people, but generally, the only bit of the financial world that they understand is the area in which they work or have worked in previously.

They can analyse the water industry or whatever specialisation it is that they do, but ask them what they would buy if they were to invest their own money now and they have no clue. I can think of a couple I have met whose deep insight into money management goes as far as ‘I put it in the bank’.

Geez! And these guys are the smart ones! Heaven help us all!

I could have asked a car mechanic, hairdresser or bricklayer and received better financial advice than that.

So, here’s the rub … There are very few people on earth that can accurately predict which way the stock market or any other investment is going to behave in the short, medium or long term. Very few people indeed. I don’t claim to be one of them.

The few people that can do this, charge a fortune for their advice or do not actually give any advice, they operate for themselves only. This makes some sense. Do Warren Buffett or George Soros offer advice to individuals? No they do not, not at any price.

The people that do have the kind of grasp over market movements that I am writing of usually belong to the ‘technical’ school of thought. This means that they follow a price, moving averages, indicators, market action in a rather mechanical way, but the art comes in how they interpret those charts!

I don’t have a number for this, what I am about to say next is pure speculation, but as wild as it will seem, I would not be surprised if it is actually correct. I imagine that of all the hundreds of millions of people worldwide that own shares and follow markets, there a probably only a few thousand that are competent and skilled at technical analysis. That is, a few thousand on earth.

It is such a difficult, time consuming skill to master, which once mastered will take hours each and every day to pour over charts and graphs that the individual must let it dominate his or her life. Mathematics and number analysis will become key components of daily life.

For the rest of us, life is just too short to spend it looking at 100 graphs and indicators each day. I know for sure that my time here is too limited for that.

Fear not, I am no technical expert and this report will not have much to say about this branch of financial analysis.

So what I am saying is that it is very, very difficult to manage money successfully over the medium to long term. Heck, even a chimp throwing darts at a page of the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal will have some success, but will that success last long?

I have worked with quite a number of financial or investment advisers over the years. I would guess at over 100 by now. That may not sound like a huge number, but each one probably had between 80 and 150 regular clients. Between them then, these advisers were helping maybe 15,000 families to plan their finances.

Advising in the region of 15,000 families about money is a pretty serious responsibility. In truth, helping just one family is quite a responsibility. Trust me on that.

The vast majority of these advisers specialised in mortgages and the financial aspects of house buying. That is very understandable since most housing markets have a reliable turnover of property and therefore, a reliable source of business and income for the adviser.

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Yet, all those advisers needed to be able to sit and pass annual exams relating to investments and on the odd occasion provide advice on the subject. I don’t think that I am being harsh in saying that only 2 of the advisers could give investment advice competently.

In short, if you want good quality, competent investment advice, you need to do one of two things. Either be lucky and have an adviser that really is skilled in the subject or get out your chequebook and pay for quality.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to be mean about these fellow professionals. I am simply trying to make one very direct point: there is so much investment information out there that one person can never ‘know it all’. In fact, it’s really close to impossible to know a lot.

Firstly, I believe, we should start with a realisation.

The stock exchange is rarely a place where anyone ‘gets rich quick’. Offhand, I don’t know where anyone does that, but certainly not in investments. Sure, some occassional stocks and shares will rise quickly making their owners money, but rarely will you become rich. Bear in mind that if an investment doubles in one year (which is pretty rare) you needed to be already wealthy to make a lot of money. If you invested a thousand, you will have just ‘made’ a thousand. You aren’t wealthy or rich yet.

Second realisation is this … It isn’t easy. If everyone could become a billionaire by investing, Warren Buffett would not be famous. It takes time, study and effort and most importantly – independent thought. Not everyone has the will or stamina to carry that through. I know that mine wavers from time to time. Who doesn’t suffer setbacks and confidence knocks?

Thirdly, though it may be a ‘hobby’, it isn’t ‘fun’. The world of investment is dominated by investment banks and their bankers. They do all the big deals, float companies, issue bonds, trade stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities and make lots of money. They employ some of the world’s brightest young MBA’s to figure out new and improved profit making ventures. They do all this because it is a business, with real money and real profits. Nobody is playing around.

If you want to be successful, you too need to view it as a business. Here is tip number one: if you are interested, go and do some reading about Benjamin Graham. Buy his books and digest. It will take a while, but it is the proper place to start. It was Ben Graham that first coined the idea successful investment is businesslike.

All that said, the little guy can still make money investing. I know, I do. I’m not rich and I don’t make a fortune, but it all helps. Why can’t you do something similar? Big funds find it hard to invest in small companies, maybe that offers you an edge. Often, money managers are so busy working their 15 hour days that they miss wider discoveries in society. Just by going to the mall or supermarket, you might spot lines selling well and get a head start on the analysts. If that approach sounds good, you might like to grab a book by Peter Lynch – he offers guidance on how he finds winners, or as he puts it ‘tenbaggers’.

If you really want to do well in investment on the stock exchange, then you need to approach it as if it were your own business. A part-time business perhaps, but still a business. That also means taking your information sources seriously. There are many portfolio tracking systems online, some free and others require monthly payment – get registered to one! There are magazines that follow and report on stock markets and shares each week – subscribe to one!

If initially, you just start reading and trying to understand what the heck those guys are on about … you will make progress. It is better than investing blindly.

A stock exchange, for beginners can be a daunting way to make a second income. Fear not, with time, you can learn the skills. But, I warn you again that it takes effort, independent thought and study to really do well.

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More Stock Market Trading System Tips:

Trading Pro System is a complete video training course and teaches the traders to trade with confidence. The comprehensive 24 hours video training provides a bunch of strategies and tactics and a lot of content about trading in the stocks and options market. The system uses simple language and is created by businessmen which imply that the secrets of winning are at your fingertips.

Stock Market Index Secret is by Karl Dittman, a 30 year veteran of stock market trading. Karl maps out a really simple ’secret’ formula that can point you at a method of targeting a stock or an index on any day and make a profit. If you follow his patterns, you can can see opportunities to take good profits.

The Secrets of Sucessful Traders Guide was preferred amongst our team of researchers. It offers the most practical stock trading advice for beginners looking to find success in the stock market without losing their house. It is a step by step instructional guide which clearly explains everything you need to know about the industry and is patiently explained in detail to ensure that you are fully aware of how the stock market works before making your first investment.

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Currency Exchange Exchanging Coaching

You’ll have seen the flashy forex trading adverts, read the persuasive testimonies of many successful foreign exchange merchants and been beguiled by the claims of vast earnings to be made by unbeatable strategies. However there’s a nagging doubt – it will probably’t really be that easy, can it? And the reality is, no it isn’t – forex trading is not a smash-and-grab exercise; it requires anticipation, preparation and a great foreign currency trading tutorial!

It’s essential, if you find yourself beginning out on this recreation, to get yourself skilled up. Perhaps through a foreign money trading class series, possibly paid-for forex courses or enlisting with a trial buying and selling system, so you get a chance to get your feet wet. These preliminary steps are important if you’re serious about this marketplace and want to make your mark on it. Without a good theoretical and sensible grounding, all of these rosy claims will evaporate earlier than your very eyes, alongside along with your money.

But earlier than you get began on hunting out the forex trading tutorial package deal that’s for you, it may be helpful to stipulate what good foreign money trading actually involves.

Foreign exchange investing, at its easiest, is about taking a view on the way a market will move after which positioning your self so that you just could take maximum benefit of that anticipated movement. You anticipate sterling to weaken in opposition to the dollar? Then put a trade on to purchase dollars; if you occur to’re proper, when you back up out of the trade, by selling dollars for sterling, the speed has improved – bingo, you’ve made your profit.

All the complexity and detailed technical analysis that a good foreign currency trading tutorial program will teach you, hangs over that very fundamental proposition. The subtlety is that the profits can only be made by those that can type good opinions about market moves and those that can time their entry and exit factors to maximum outcome. The former will include expertise, but the latter necessitates preparation and self-discipline.

Forex trading without discipline is gambling and you might achieve success at it, for a while, but the losses will sink you sooner or later. Constant forex traders will plan their trades earlier than execution, based mostly on prescribed ranges of threat and reward; they are going to then follow that plan precisely as laid out. That’s in all probability an important lesson to get from any foreign money trading tutorial – someday they may lose, however in the lengthy run, the wins will consistently out-perform the losses and first rate income will be the reward.

So remember, take up a good foreign money trading tutorial program to put the foundation, construct on that with observe before you commit funds; however the ultimate development of a worthwhile career lies with you and your method to forex trading.

To acquire a more detailed foreign currency exchanging class why not visit: Forex Trading Course

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Microsoft And Yahoo Seal Web Deal Cnn

Yahoo and Microsoft have announced a long-rumored Internet search deal that will help the two companies take on their biggest rival, Google. Microsoft’s Bing search engine will power the Yahoo website and Yahoo will  become the advertising sales team for Microsoft’s online offering. Yahoo has been struggling to make profits in recent years. Last year it rejected several takeover bids from Microsoft in an attempt brace the Tsunami alone. Yahoo’s shares fell 12% after the announcement, while Microsoft shares moved up by less than 1%. Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer said the 10-year deal would provide Microsoft’s Bing search engine with the necessary scale to compete.  

Through this agreement with Yahoo, they will create more innovation in search, better value for advertisers, and real consumer choice in a market currently dominated by a single company (google). Microsoft and Yahoo know there’s so much more that search could be. This agreement gives them the  resources to create the future of search engines. In return for conceeding control of its search engine, Yahoo will get to keep 88% of the revenue from all search ad sales on its site for the first five years of the deal. In the last 5 years of the agreement the will have the right to sell ads on some Microsoft sites.  

Yahoo’s team will have to brace itself for job losses over the next two years. Some staff will transfer to Microsoft; others would stay on with Yahoo. Yahoo said the deal would benefit Yahoo’s users and advertisers. This agreement comes with an abundance of value for Yahoo, the users and the industry. It also establishes the foundation for a new era of Internet innovation and development. The deal became possible after Yahoo’s co-founder Jerry Yang stepped down as chief executive of the company late last year. Yahoo said the deal would boost annual operating income by $ 500m and secure $ 200m in savings. Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo in January 2008 – with an offer worth about $ 47.5 billion dollars.Yahoo’s new CEO,  Ms Carol Bartz, finally sealed the deal. The deal ends numerous years of back-and-forth negotiations between the two companies.

By: Frank Bilotta

Yahoo and Microsoft have announced a long-rumored Internet search deal that will help the two companies take on their biggest rival, Google.

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Microsoft Access 2003 Damaged Installation

One of the most common reasons for inaccessibility of the MS Access database is improper or damaged installation of MS Access 2003. An incorrect installation of MS Access 2003 also results in incorrect registry settings, corrupted DLLs (Dynamic Link Library files), or missing DLLs. To overcome such situations, the best and easy way is to restore the data from an updated backup. However, if no backup is available, or backup falls short to restore desired information, then you will need to opt for an advanced access database repair software that can recover your lost data.

As a practical instance, when you attempt to open your Access 2003 database (Employee), you may encounter any of below issues:

Your database does not mount.
Your database mounts, but you are unable to view the records.
Your database mounts, but you view that your records are not displayed correctly.
Fatal error message that does not allow you to access your database.

The root cause for improper behavior of your database is damaged installation of MS Access 2003. To resolve the above behavior of your Access database, you will need to follow the below measures:

You will need to repair Access 2003 installation by using the below methods:

1. Start Access 2003.
2. Click Detect and Repair on the Help Menu.
3. Insert the Microsoft Office 2003 CD when prompted. In case, you are not prompted, install Access 2003 from the network.
4. Follow all the instructions until Access 2003 repair gets completed.
5. Exit Access 2003.
6. Start Access 2003.

To confirm that your issue has been resolved, perform all the tasks that caused the above behavior. However, if the issue is not resolved and you still encounter any of the above database behavior, then you will need to use Access Recovery application to recover your data. Such Access Database Repair tools use high end scanning methods to repair corrupted or damaged Access databases. These access repair tools are built by highly qualified data recovery experts and easily understandable without any technical knowledge. Such applications provide complete recovery of Access database files like .accdb and .mdb.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is an advanced Access Repair application to repair all corrupted MS Access objects, such as, tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules. Designed for Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT operating systems, the read only software is compatible with Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, XP (2002), and 2000.

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Virtualization Plug And Play From Fujitsu Zero Client

Fujitsu’s expanding portfolio of virtualization solutions from the desktop computing with the launch of the device plug-and-play MZ900 Portable Zero Client that allows users to access a virtual desktop from any computer anywhere for a can connect to the network.

Fujitsu desktop virtualization solution called Zero Client infrastructure concept that revolutionized the client computer. In concept, the computer is not equipped with any component (zero) in addition to network devices.

Zero Client shaped portable USB memory devices. In the partition read-only USB that there is software that serves to establish access to safe, easy and fast to the system so that users can log on to the image of his desktop Zero Client, from anywhere as long as there is a connection.
Sensitive data that is encrypted can only be accessed when the device is plugged in and get authorization. When removed, Portable Zero Client does not leave any traces on the host machine.

Through this approach, Fujitsu is providing all the benefits of desktop virtualization so that companies can save much time and resources.

Fujitsu also complete one of the biggest risks faced by the mobile-workforce, ie a virus or Trojan attack on a secure connection to the host machine. Through Portable Zero Client, corporate networks are protected from these attacks because they can not forcibly change the connection and software in it. In addition, the software in Portable Zero Client login process from a protected partition that protects the malware on the host machine.

“The workers of today have a higher mobility, creating a dilemma for companies to choose between limiting access and reducing productivity. To this end we develop a Fujitsu Portable Zero Client that combines both – a secure connection into the Zero Client infrastructure that is flexible, “said Achmad Sofwan, Chief Operating Officer of Fujitsu Indonesia, as quoted by an official statement.

“Now mobile workers can bring their personal desktop in your pocket, wherever they go with a peaceful mind because their data is protected, regardless of where they connect to the network,” he said.

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Marine Technology

Marine technology refers to a vast umbrella of elements that have helped us to explore what lives in bodies of water. This includes saltwater of the oceans and the freshwater of various lakes. It is amazing how many living things are found in water. Learning about them helps use to find out how they affect those living on land. It also helps us to understand why keeping these bodies of water free from pollution are so important.

There have been many breakthroughs in the way of underwater technology over the years. As a result, divers are able to go to the depths of these water masses. They can evaluate what is living there, observe it in its natural habitat, and document that information. The use of such information means that we also know how to protect certain species of live in the water they could become extinct without our help.

Thanks to forms of underwater technology such as cameras and video recorders, all of us can share in those experiences. While most of us will never dive into the depths of these waters we can watch documentaries, view photos, and even watch videos online. Of course there are some places in the water that humans cant safely go.

That doesnt mean we cant explore them though. Marine technology allows for the use of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) to be used in their place. They can be easily navigated through the waters to the desired location. A cable is used to release them off a boat. They have video cameras on them that relay information back to the humans who are safely on the boats.

The downside is that an ROV costs an estimated $ 6 million. That is a large amount of money to invest in the equipment. Yet the design of them makes them safe to use as they dont disrupt the environment. They have also provided us with substantial information about aquatic life that we wont have without the use of such equipment.

A very similar type of technology used id the AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles). They are much smaller than ROVs and about half the cost. They can get into locations that are smaller too. However, they can be tougher to navigate through the waters. The AUV though is often used for a variety of underwater investigations.

Sonar stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging. This is a big part of marine biology that was first used on the water by vessels so that they could detect land masses and even other vessels around them. Today it is used to help send information back and forth from the boats to the underwater equipment.

Sonar is also used to help locate the ideal place for observing various forms of aquatic life. Many people use this type of marine technology too when they are navigating a boat or even trying to locate fish in the waters before they toss their line out. All of this technology has certainly allowed us to explore what lives in our water in new ways.

Ocean Technology
Marine Technology

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Ethernet Technology

People has known the Ethernet technology since coaxial cable connection system was created to comprise of various computers and technological devices by PARC or Palo Alto Research Center Inc. (then known as XEROX PARC). Therefore, it is the oldest yet mostly used for networking until the present day.


Three years later, a partial draft version was finished and prepared for testing. It was announced successful not only because a connection between two computers were made, but also because data transfer fruitfully took place with the speed of 3 megabytes per second.


The term Ethernet was formed by putting words Ether and Net together. Ether was picked because of the use of Fiber Optics, where light is the medium of data transportation. Net is an abbreviation for network, the community of link computers. With its promising action of making computer connectivities possible, Ethernet later on gave life to what we now know as Local Area Networks (LANs).


Ethernet works by linking computers and other devices through cables. One end of these cables is connected to the computer, and the other is to a connector. These connectors could be Repeaters, Hubs or Switches. Connectors, such as the three, are grouped according to how they do their role in the system. Ethernet applies the cause-and-effect approach.


Firstly, a computer will summon a signal where it embeds a message. With the help of cables, the signal travels from its origin to the connector and then from the connector to the accepting computer. When the assigned computer catches the signal, it will transmit its own back to the sender and react according to the prompted information.


In a standard network, all connected computers have exactly the same boundaries. But in more complex and larger networks, there are usually one or two computers that are in control of the interactions of the entire network.


In the present, the Ethernet technology is available in many versions. The earliest ones are the 10BASE5 (the very first standard), 10BROAD36 (the first standard that allowed long-distance connections), 10BASE2 (also known as the Cheapernet) and 1BASE5 (said to be a failure but started the following developments in Ethernet technology).


The more modernized generation of the technology came with different speed performances. The 10 megabit Ethernet was the first to step out of the previous 1Mbit/second rating. And then the Fast Ethernet, which upholds the rate of 100Mbit per second, dethroned the previous by executing ten times higher.


And then the Gigabit Ethernet was born, priding itself with an even more edgy speed of 1 gigabyte per second data transmission. The Gigabit Ethernet soon opened doors for the 10 Gigabit Ethernet, the variant that surpassed its already-powerful precedent. And today, the public is only waiting for newer versions 40 and 100 Gigabit to be released.


It is hard to imagine where we would be now without the presence of networking technologies such as the Ethernet. Even the simplest of daily actions would be very bothersome when networking automation is erased. And so, we would always have to be thankful that Ethernet was formalized and born into our world.


To learn more about Ethernet Technology And for more information on Ethernet fiber, visit today.

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The Need For Convergence In Desktop Virtualization

The Need for Convergence in Desktop Virtualization

Desktop and application virtualization technologies have made incremental progress by developing specific approaches to solve individual desktop computing challenges. Local virtual desktop have been successful in development and testing because they provide complete operating system isolation. Server-based computing and VDI have enabled enterprises to centralize desktop computing in the data center for task workers and outsourcers to increase security and availability. Application virtualization and streaming have enabled enterprises to distribute applications without installation and run multiple versions of the same application at the same time. However, no single approach to desktop virtualization has delivered a compelling solution to replace traditional PCs because each has significant barriers to widespread adoption. What is needed is a desktop virtualization solution that provides complete convergence and delivers the familiar experience of a Windows desktop using the right desktop virtualization technology for the right user scenario.

Desktop Virtualization User Requirements

Enterprises are made up of different types of workers that have unique desktop computing requirements. While the percentage breakdown for each type of worker varies by industry and company, most large enterprises have some population within each category (see Figure 1). Traditional PCs have evolved over the past two decades to meet the requirements of each type of user. To replace traditional PCs, desktop virtualization must provide a single desktop virtualization platform that can meet the needs of task workers, campus workers, mobile workers, remote workers and address unmanaged PCs used by employees, contractors and consultants.

1. Task Workers

Task workers use a thin client or low end PC to accomplish a specific task while working on a campus network. This type of user does not typically require personalization or the ability to install applications. In fact, task workers often share the same PC with other users during different shifts. VDI or server-based computing is often ideal for this type of user because of the ability to centralize and pool resources. Network streaming can also be used for these types of users.

2. Campus Workers

The campus worker uses a desktop PC (or thin client) on the internal LAN to connect to computing services. Campus workers prefer a personalized desktop environment where they can install their own plug-ins and applications and configure settings to their preference. Depending on the types of campus worker, local desktop virtualization, network streaming or VDI may be appropriate.

3. Mobile Workers

Mobile workers use a laptop as their primary workstation. These users work at home, on the road, and in the office. They use a mix of wired and wireless networking to connect to computing services over the LAN and over the WAN using VPN. Mobile workers require personalization, the ability to work offline and sync their desktop, particularly if they have multiple computing devices. Using local desktop virtualization on a laptop or running their virtualized desktop from a portable drive is ideal for mobile workers.

4. Remote Workers

Remote workers work primarily at home or at a remote branch office that is connected over a WAN using a VPN. Remote workers use either a laptop or a desktop computer depending on their mobility and rarely if ever work on campus. Using local desktop virtualization on a laptop or running their virtualized desktop from portable drive is ideal for the mobile worker.

You can find more information here: Workspace Virtualization

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